Laserforce in Quasar Amusements is open from 10am holidays & weekends – to book call 0191 455 3885

Outdoor Rides open from 11am every day, Arcades from 10am.
Wristbands and Ride Tickets are available DAILY during the school holidays.

* ALL Ride & Food Outlet times are approximate, depending on weather conditions. ** Selected outlets open.

August 29 - September 4
DateRides*Arcades*Quasar AmusementsFood Outlets**
Mon 2911am-Late 10am-Late10am-8pm11am-Late
Tue 3011am-Late 10am-Late10am-8pm11am-Late
Wed 3111am-Late 10am-Late10am-8pm11am-Late
Thu 111am-Late 10am-Late10am-8pm11am-Late
Fri 211am-Late (£1 Night 5pm)10am-Late10am-8pm11am-Late
Sat 311am-Late10am-Late10am-8pm11am-Late
Sun 411am-Late10am-Late10am-8pm 11am-Late
September 5 - 11
DateRides*Arcades*Quasar AmusementsFood Outlets**
Mon 512noon-5pm (Limited rides) 10am-Late11am-8pm11am-Late
Tue 612noon-5pm (Limited rides) 10am-Late11am-8pm11am-Late
Wed 7Closed 10am-Late11am-8pm11am-Late
Thu 8Closed 10am-Late11am-8pm11am-Late
Fri 9Closed10am-Late11am-8pm11am-Late
Sat 1012noon-5pm10am-Late10am-8pm11am-Late
Sun 1112noon-5pm10am-Late10am-8pm 11am-Late