Outdoor Rides are open weekends from 12noon -5pm

**Selected Arcades and Food Outlets open daily from 11am

Tickets and tokens are available each day we are open until 5th November.

Wristband sales have now ended for the 2017 season.

*Ride closing times vary and are dependent on weather conditions and visitor numbers, rides may stay open later if weather permits, e.g. 6pm or 7pm. We recommend calling in advance to check possible closing times and avoid any disappointment 0191 456 1617.

October 16 - 22
DateRides*Arcades**Quasar AmusementsFood Outlets**
Mon 16Closed 11am-Late11am-7pm 11am-Late
Tue 17Closed 11am-Late11am-7pm 11am-Late
Wed 18Closed 11am-Late 11am-7pm 11am-Late
Thu 19Closed 11am-Late11am-7pm 11am-Late
Fri 20Closed11am-Late11am-8pm 11am-Late
Sat 2112noon – 5pm10am-Late10am-8pm11am-Late
Sun 2212noon – 5pm10am-Late10am-8pm 11am-Late
October 23 - 29
DateRides*Arcades**Quasar AmusementsFood Outlets**
Mon 2311am – 7pm 11am-Late11am-7pm 11am-Late
Tue 2411am – 7pm 11am-Late11am-7pm 11am-Late
Wed 2511am – 7pm 11am-Late 11am-7pm 11am-Late
Thu 2611am – 7pm 11am-Late11am-7pm 11am-Late
Fri 2711am – Late 11am-Late11am-8pm 11am-Late
Sat 2811am – 7pm10am-Late10am-8pm11am-Late
Sun 2911am – 7pm10am-Late10am-8pm 11am-Late
October 30 - November 5
DateRides*Arcades**Quasar AmusementsFood Outlets**
Mon 30Closed 11am-Late11am-7pm 11am-Late
Tue 31Closed 11am-Late11am-7pm 11am-Late
Wed 1Closed 11am-Late 11am-7pm 11am-Late
Thu 2Closed 11am-Late11am-7pm 11am-Late
Fri 3Closed11am-Late11am-8pm 11am-Late
Sat 412noon – 5pm11am-Late11am-8pm11am-Late
Sun 511am – 10pm – FIREWORKS!10am-10pm10am-10pm 11am-Late