Outdoor rides are open Friday’s from 5pm (£1 Night*) and Weekends from 11am – Late*

*Weather permitting, Late closing times can vary depending on weather and visitor numbers

Quasar Amusements with Laserforce Games and Laser Maze is open daily view their opening times here

April 16 - 22
DateRides*Arcades*Quasar AmusementsFood Outlets**
Mon 19Closed11am-6pm11am-7pm10am-Late
Tue 20Closed11am-6pm11am-7pm10am-Late
Wed 21Closed11am-6pm11am-7pm10am-Late
Thu 22Closed11am-6pm11am-7pm10am-Late
Fri 235pm-Late (£1 Night)11am-Late11am-Late*10am-Late
Sat 2411am-7pm10am-Late10am-8pm10am-Late
Sun 2511am-7pm10am-Late10am-8pm 10am-Late
April 23 - 29
DateRides*Arcades*Quasar AmusementsFood Outlets**
Mon 23Closed11am-6pm11am-7pm10am-Late
Tue 24Closed11am-6pm11am-7pm10am-Late
Wed 25Closed11am-6pm11am-7pm10am-Late
Thu 26Closed11am-6pm11am-7pm10am-Late
Fri 275pm-Late (£1 Night)11am-Late11am-Late*10am-Late
Sat 2811am-7pm10am-Late10am-8pm10am-Late
Sun 2911am-7pm10am-Late10am-8pm 10am-Late
April 30 - May 6
DateRides*Arcades*Quasar AmusementsFood Outlets**
Mon 30Closed11am-6pm11am-7pm10am-Late
Tue 1Closed11am-6pm11am-7pm10am-Late
Wed 2Closed11am-6pm11am-7pm10am-Late
Thu 3Closed11am-6pm11am-7pm10am-Late
Fri 45pm-Late (£1 Night)11am-Late11am-Late*10am-Late
Sat 511am-7pm10am-Late10am-8pm10am-Late
Sun 611am-7pm10am-Late10am-8pm 10am-Late
May 7 - May 13
DateRides*Arcades*Quasar AmusementsFood Outlets**
Mon 7 11am-7pm10am-Late11am-7pm10am-Late
Tue 8 Closed10am-Late11am-7pm10am-Late
Wed 9 Closed10am-Late11am-7pm10am-Late
Thu 10 Closed10am-Late11am-7pm10am-Late
Fri 115pm-Late (£1 Night)10am-Late11am-Late*10am-Late
Sat 1211am-7pm10am-Late10am-8pm10am-Late
Sun 1311am-7pm10am-Late10am-8pm 10am-Late
May 14 - May 20
DateRides*Arcades*Quasar AmusementsFood Outlets**
Mon 14 ClosedTBC11am-7pm10am-Late
Tue 15 ClosedTBC11am-7pm10am-Late
Wed 16 ClosedTBC11am-7pm10am-Late
Thu 17 ClosedTBC11am-7pm10am-Late
Fri 185pm-Late (£1 Night)3pm-Late11am-Late*10am-Late
Sat 1911am-7pm10am-Late10am-8pm10am-Late
Sun 2011am-7pm10am-Late10am-8pm 10am-Late
May 21 - May 27
DateRides*Arcades*Quasar AmusementsFood Outlets**
Mon 21 ClosedTBC11am-7pm10am-Late
Tue 22 ClosedTBC11am-7pm10am-Late
Wed 23 ClosedTBC11am-7pm10am-Late
Thu 24 ClosedTBC11am-7pm10am-Late
Fri 255pm-Late (£1 Night)3pm-Late11am-7pm10am-Late
Sat 2611am-7pm10am-Late10am-8pm10am-Late
Sun 2711am-7pm10am-Late10am-8pm 10am-Late
May 28 - June 3
DateRides*Arcades*Quasar AmusementsFood Outlets**
Mon 28 11am-7pm10am-Late10am-7pm10am-Late
Tue 29 11am-7pm10am-Late10am-7pm10am-Late
Wed 30 11am-7pm10am-Late10am-7pm10am-Late
Thu 31 11am-7pm10am-Late10am-7pm10am-Late
Fri 111am-Late(£1 Night from 5pm)10am-Late10am-7pm10am-Late
Sat 211am-7pm10am-Late10am-8pm10am-Late
Sun 311am-7pm10am-Late10am-8pm 10am-Late

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