Ocean Beach Pleasure Park is ideal for group visits with all size budgets catered for.


Depending on the size of your group you can benefit from discounts ride tickets or wristbands. Unlimited Thrill Ride Wristbands enable group members to ride for free on most rides.

Wristbands are only available to people 1.2m and above and are only valid on larger rides*

These are available 12noon until 5pm. Should you only be here a short period of time, discounts may be possible.

*Wristbands not available on Dodgems

Payment for tickets can be made by cash, cheque, card or BACS transfer in advance. Please ask for details.

Should group members wish to purchase additional ride tickets themselves once at the Park, they will just need to mention their group name and discounted ride tickets will be made available to them.

At least 48 hours advanced booking is required to ensure that the rides will be open and appropriate levels of staff available.

We cannot guarantee that all rides will be open when you arrive if you do not book in with us. During Term Time we only open rides if we know schools or groups are visiting us, outside of our usual opening hours. Please call to avoid disappointment or extended waiting times while staff are called in, rides open, etc.

See Ride Information Pages for ticket quantities.

Please call 0191 456 1617 for further information and to plan your visit.

Read our Terms and Conditions

Planning a trip can be a stressful experience. There are many things that need to be considered including transport, health & safety and risk assessments, but the trip advisors at Ocean Beach Pleasure Park have put together a list of tips to help alleviate the stress of arranging a visit.

1. Travel
The easiest way to travel to Ocean Beach Pleasure Park is by coach. We have plenty of space for coaches to park and bus drivers are given complimentary tickets to enjoy the rides themselves or pass onto family members. Parking is free at Dunes car park.

2. Supervision
It is advisable that a number of staff/chaperones attend the trip to Ocean Beach Pleasure Park to ensure that everyone can enjoy their visit safely. We also request that they remain within the Park in case of emergency or any issues.

3. Health and Safety
The quality and safety of all our rides and attractions are of the utmost importance and therefore a considerable amount of time and effort is spent on making all visits a safe and fun experience. Should an emergency occur and an evacuation become necessary, attraction staff will be available to give you clear directions at that time.

A Risk Assessment for the Pleasure Park is available together with Public Liability Insurance. Please request these if required.

4. Visitors with Special Needs
Ocean Beach Pleasure Park staff strives to make sure that we include and accommodate visitors with special educational or medical needs. It remains the responsibility of the group leader to ensure that appropriate supervision is provided and any special requirements of the individuals should be taken into account at the planning stage. Please discuss these with our trip planner at the time of booking.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to email and we will reply to your query.