Tap & Play Funcards

Arcades and Quasar are open from 11am till 7pm (approx) Fridays from 11am till Late

See our Opening Times for all future dates & times.

Food Kiosks and Restaurants are open daily for takeaway service – times may vary.

How Does It Work?

The Fun Card is contactless, you simply Tap & Play, hold it up to the clearly signposted card reader next to each ride, illustrated below, and the number of credits required will be deducted and your remaining balance is shown on screen. Then follow our staff members instructions to join the ride!

You can check your Fun Card balance and Top Up to add more credits at any of the self service kiosks on the park or within the arcades.

How Do I Buy A Fun Card?

You can get your Fun Card in a few ways. 

New Fun Cards under the value of £10 are subject to a 50p charge.

What Are Credits?

We’ve simplified our ticketing process, now every ride uses a certain number of ‘credits’ per person, per ride: 

Smaller rides are 1.5 – 2 credits*
Larger rides are 2 +

Credits cost £1 each – so if a ride is 1.5 credits it will cost £1.50, 2 credits is £2 etc.

The ride value of the rides from the previous ticketing system, where tickets and tokens cost 50p each, remains the same.

You can purchase any amount of cards or credits you’d like, online purchases from £20 and up offer extra Bonus Credits free the more you purchase too – £20 + 2 Bonus or £30 + 3 Bonus (10%) and £40 + 8 Bonus or £50 + 10 Bonus (20%).

* Ride credits are subject to change at any time

Frequently Asked Questions

I have tickets/tokens from my previous visits, can I use these?
Any tickets or tokens from previous visits can be credited onto your new Fun Card. Simply bring what you have and a cashier will apply credits to a new or existing card if you already have one.

Coloured tickets & Silver/Gold tokens will be credited at 0.5 Bonus credits each (50p value each). £1 Night tickets are credited as 1 Bonus credit (£1 value each)

You will be able to exchange old tickets in the Middle Arcade cashier only.

Is the Fun Card free?
Yes, with a minimum purchase of £10, your Fun Card is included free – under £10 it is subject to a 50p charge. Fun Cards are intended to be re-used and topped up from the self service points or within arcades so once you have a Fun Card you can Top Up in £1 amounts up to any value.
Can we buy wristbands?
There is a contactless wristband option – however due to current social distancing guidelines we are not able to implement these at present. We will introduce these only when the guidelines allow more visitor access around the park, with less social distancing restrictions on the larger ride seating too.
Are there any Discount Deals? What about vouchers I have from previous seasons?
Due to COVID-19 and how we’re expected to manage visitor numbers initially we are limited in the range of discount offers available, as they naturally attract more visitors.

See the Fun Card offers of Bonus Credits above for those currently available online or via our App, including 10% Extra Bonus Credits for your first Fun Card purchase.

Discount offers from previous years, issued in the press or on prize promotional cards, downloads and printed adverts are no longer valid.