Rides and Attractions

Ride Credits

Family & Thrill Rides
Speed Buzz 4.5Crash Test (Spinning Coaster)4
Breakdance3Ice Jet3
Spring Break3.5Shaken & Stirred (Crazy Frog)3
Log Flume2.5Waveswinger2
Twist2.5Speedy Coaster2
Dumbos2Dodgems (per Car)4
Miami Surf2.5Big Apple Coaster2
Jungle Madness2Crazy Cottage 2
Kids Rides
Bungee Trampolines4Bumper Cars3
Jumping Karts2Formula 30002
Mini Swings1.5Helter Skelter2
Balloon Wheel2Formula2
Carousel1.5Toy Express1.5
Teacups2Flying Jets2
Thomas Train1.5Helicopter Launch2
Inflatable Slide2

Management reserves the right to change rides, times, and prices at any time, individual ride height restrictions and conditions also apply at all times.