Frequently Asked Questions

Do you have to pay to enter the park?
No, Ocean Beach Pleasure Park is FREE entry.
When are you open?
Outdoor Rides and Arcades Opening Times can be seen here.
What are Tap & Play Fun Cards?
These are the new way to enjoy the rides here at Ocean Beach, a contactless smartcard which is yours to purchase, add credit, top up and keep for future visits – you can read more about them here.
How many credits are the rides?
The number of tickets vary. Smaller children’s rides are 2 credits per person. Larger rides are 2+ credits per person. You can see a full list of each rides credit requirements in our Rides and Attractions sections.
What if I have old tickets or tokens from a previous visit?
Any old tickets or tokens from previous visits can be credited onto your Fun Card. Simply bring what you have and a cashier will apply credits to a new or existing card if you already have one.

Coloured tickets & Silver/Gold tokens will be credited at 0.5 Bonus credits each (50p value each). £1 Night tickets are credited as 1 Bonus credit (£1 value each)

You will be able to exchange old tickets in the Middle Arcade cashier only.

When are Half Price Rides?
During our outdoor season we also have Half Price Friday nights that usually run from 5pm – Late* weather permitting. Our ride Fun Card credit system automatically switches to deduct only HALF the advertised credits per person, per ride.

If rides are open earlier on Fridays, i.e. during holidays, then at 5pm the Fun Card system automatically switches to Half Price on these promotional nights.

Where are your toilets?
At the rear entrance of the park, along from the arcades and the ice cream kiosk, there are public toilets operated by South Tyneside Council open daily.
Can we bring food and drink?
Yes, of course, or you can purchase food and drink from the many kiosks and outlets we have here at Ocean Beach. There is no alcohol allowed within the park grounds.
Can I bring my dog to the park?
Yes, but we ask that you please keep all dogs on leads and clean up any mess immediately, thank you.
Can I ride my bike or scooter in the park?
No. For the safety and enjoyment of all other guests, we prohibit cycling, skateboarding and scooter use within the park grounds. You may walk your bicycle/scooter through but please do not ride. Staff and security can ask you to leave the park should you ignore instructions not to ride.
I'm accompanying someone as a carer am I able to ride with them?
Yes, you can accompany them on any ride with the appropriate number of tickets for you both or if the person requires carer assistance during the ride itself we may issue you with a Carer’s Pass.

Carer’s Passes are issued only when you present valid Carer ID, either a badge from a company you work as a carer or if you are a parent/guardian then a DLA letter is required.

These passes are meant for carers to assist anyone requiring assistance, physical and emotional, on rides where visitors can sit side by side. This includes rides such as Pirate Ship, Twist, Waltzer where riders sit together in the same seat. With rides which are 1 (One) person per seat, such as Miami Surf, it is the Ride Operators discretion as to whether Carer’s Passes are accepted.

Carer’s Passes are also issued under our fair usage policy at the discretion of and by Ocean Beach Management and you must meet the criteria to qualify, as explained in our Terms & Conditions. Failure to meet these terms may result in Carer’s Passes being withdrawn.

Ocean Beach Pleasure Park is NOT part of the MAX Card scheme and does not accept these as proof of carer status or to obtain discounts.

I lost something when I visited have you found it?
Any lost property found inside the park is handed in to the Middle Arcade you can contact them on 0191 456 1617.
I've become separated from my friends or family how can I find them?
Come to the Middle Arcade opposite the Pirate Ship and a member of staff can assist in reuniting you.
I require First Aid where do I go?
We have trained First Aider’s working every day. If you head to the Middle Arcade or Quasar Amusements we will administer First Aid. If you require assistance out on the park our ride staff can contact First Aiders to come to you.